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Eighth post - where did the weekend go?

Such a full weekend and now it's Monday night and I feel as though I haven't had a break.

Saturday was my first judging assignment for my new council, which meant a trek up to the northside of the city, relying on Karen the Navman (navlady?) to get me there. Always have to laugh at her pronunciations - Gympie (with a hard G like Greg) becomes Jimpie while Strathpine is Strathpeen. So I was heading to Jimpie Road Strathpeen, which gave me a giggle at least.

Only a small assignment but I enjoyed myself. Not too sure that the exhibitors would say the same, though, after I withheld awards for two cats which had fleas. Ah well they'll be more careful next time.

Managed to tire myself out, both there and at the gym afterwards, and fell asleep on the couch while watching a docco about Princess Alice, Prince Philip's mother. I was enjoying it, too; will have to go back to watch the rest of it.

Yesterday was a Judges' Association meeting and workshop, where we had hands-on with American Shorthairs and Norwegians, plus a discussion about Turkish Angora which have only recently been recognised in Australia. We were supposed to discuss the Lykoi, which is being imported by a Tasmanian breeder who is seeking recognition of the breed here, but we ran out of time.

I'm not sure about these - I need to look up the genetics of the cat. If it's a recessive gene/s that cause the coat colour and pattern, then I might consider them, but not if it's a dominant. That could result in numerous kittens born without the gene/s, and what are they going to do with those kittens? So research is needed.

A couple of pics, so you can see what I'm talking about:

 photo lykoi1_zpsyopgronk.jpg

 photo lykoi2_zps7f9m60fz.jpg
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