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My PC died yesterday :-( . It suddenly switched itself off, tried to reboot then shut down completely. It may be something simple, but at its age I'm not going to worry about having it repaired - I got seven years out of it so can't complain. I was expecting it to die sooner or later, and had just finished transferring all of my files onto external drives, so the timing was good, although I didn't get my address book or emails so I'm afraid they're lost forever, unless my son can work his magic and retrieve them. He's been tasked with building me a new machine; in fact I first asked him at the beginning of December, but he's been busy. Now it's become a priority.

Kids came over for dinner on Saturday night instead of their usual Sunday this weekend, so that we could watch the Big Bash League cricket final together. Was fun, but not much of a competition - Perth Scorchers just ran away with the game.

For dinner I made a quinoa and apple salad, and cooked a chicken rolled roast. I'd never made the salad before and I was really pleased with the way it turned out. There was more than enough, too, of both the salad and the chicken, and I had them both for tea again last night and tonight. Yay for not having to make decisions about food for two extra nights!
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