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Not a TV person as such, but....

I'm pretty excited about some of the stuff that's coming up on the ABC this year. Firstly there's a third and final season of Glitch , one that hopefully ties up all the loose ends. What do you do if your dead wife is somehow resurrected, and you've already moved on and have a baby with her best friend? And all the rest of it. I loved the diversity of the Risen, in particular that someone like Patrick would be resurrected; watching a landowner and ex mayor from the late 1800s struggling to make sense of the new world he's been brought back to was for me one of the highlights.

Then there's a new series of Harrow to look forward to. I could watch this pretty man all day. The storyline is interesting enough, even if the title character is a bit cliched; it's still enough to keep me tuning in. And the Brisbane location shoots are a bonus.

I didn't know there was a new series of Mystery Road being made so that's a real treat. Some of the best Australian actors star in this detective series.

And finally... Rosehaven. God I love this show. A simple, quirky, understated comedy set in a country town in Tasmania which showcases small town life as seen through the eyes of the two main characters, best friends Daniel and Emma. Here, have a taste:
Season One trailer:

Season Two trailer:

Can't wait to see what S3 brings.
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