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Book Bingo #3

Bit late to this particular party. I read a few of Ursula Le Guin's books in my early 20s but this one escaped me. Better late than never! I love her writing; she's almost poetic in her word choices and can conjure up an atmosphere so easily. Looking forward to reading the rest in this series. There are so many squares where I could have saved this but for now it's my Part of a Series square.

Book Bingo 2019 3

In other news: I nearly killed myself on Monday morning, outside in the heat, digging out two large shrubs. Once they were removed and I'd dug out all the roots, I carefully squared off the resultant holes, making them deeper in the process. I had to keep taking a little rest in the shade, and once I'd finished, after I had a shower and then some lunch, I was too tired to go to Bunnings for the new plants I want. Instead I had a sleep - something I never do during the day normally! My back is sunburnt, and my triceps and thighs are aching, even my stomach muscles are complaining.

So yesterday I get home from work and discover that my neighbour had filled the holes in. Grrr.... He keeps my yard tidy and he thought I'd given up due to the heat, and he was helping me out. Which is lovely... but! I wish he'd ask first!
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