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Rain - too much, or not enough

I planted my new palms today, after re-digging the holes my neighbour so thoughtfully filled in. I had the sprinkler on the spot for half an hour last night, making sure that the ground stayed moist and easy to dig, and then we had rain overnight and this morning as well so it was lovely and damp. I'm quite pleased with them, and am considering getting some more. They're Golden Can palms which grow in clumps and have lovely smooth trunks, unlike the mongrel Cocos Palms I had in Coffs and hated.

Speaking of rain, I've been watching the news from up north - the Townsville area has been declared a catastrophe now. Imagine having one and a half metres of rain in a week! And now they have to open the dam gates fully, so that the dam doesn't burst. Ingham had 150 ml of rain just in an hour today; that's over six inches in the old scale. There's no letup in sight with rain predicted for at least the rest of the week, along with a tornado warning. I just ... WTF? We get cyclones, not tornadoes. What is going on?

And now bushfires in Victoria as well as the ongoing Tasmanian fires.

On the opposite side of the world, people are battling extreme cold. This is a crazy world right now.
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