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Puts everything into perspective

Scott McLaughlin is leading the V8 Supercars championship so far. On the out lap of tonight's race, he tangled with another competitor which resulted in neither of them being able to take the grid for the race.

Scott's comment, when interviewed shortly afterwards? "There are worse things happening in the world right now, I'm just getting on with things."

Scott's home town is Christchurch, New Zealand.

It's absolutely appalling, what happened over the ditch on Friday. I ache for the people caught up in it, those who have lost loved ones, those who are still in hospital, and those who are still reeling from the earthquakes only to have this happen in their home town. New Zealand is like an extra state to Australia; there is a large proportion of Kiwis who live here, and a huge number of Aussies have visited the Land of the Long White Cloud. Our Prime Minister (last time I looked it was Scott Morrison) commented on the close relationship between the two countries, calling the Kiwis our cousins, and I think you'd be hard pressed not to agree.
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