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Goodbye 2019

The year is drawing to a close; only two more days until the new year. And if I hear one more person say it's the end of the decade I might just explode....

Christmas this year was utter magic. I went to my son's place for Christmas Day and Boxing Day, and got a lot of one-on-one time with my granddaughter. She's 19 months old now and just starting to find her words, but she's adept at making her will known in other ways. She's just a lot of fun. My new grandson was only 15 days old on Christmas Day and far too young to really do anything other than cry half the night and deprive his mum of sleep, but hey, that's what babies do :-) .

I am sitting at my too-small desk, eyeing the pile of books that I was going to review for the LJ book bingo but never got around to it; also looking at my overstuffed bookshelves and wondering how I can ever downsize when I retire.... fortunately that's still more than a few years off. Maybe if I buy a bigger desk and throw out all of the accumulated stuff in my filing cabinet.... a bigger desk is a must as I'm working from home a lot lately, and this desk is crammed with the PC tower and two monitors. Something to think about in the new year.

Speaking of downsizing - I bought another house, back in October, with the aim of moving to it once I retire. It's small, but within walking distance of the kids' place, so will be quite convenient for the grandkids to stop in on their way home from school. Ah one day... I need to lose a lot of stuff before I can fit into that house! Might force me to play the mins game a bit more often :-)

Anyway. Happy new year to anyone who read this far, and everyone who didn't!
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