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20 years on

So what were we all doing on December 31, 1999?

I was still married, still living in Coffs Harbour, still working for the bank. My husband had a computer sales / repair shop down at the Jetty, and on 31/12/1999 we hosted a huge party at the shop. He had an internet cafe as part of the business, and the shop was full of backpackers emailing their families with New Year wishes, as well as friends and workmates. We also had every PC in the shop turned on, just waiting to see what would happen when the clock ticked over to 01/01/2000.

Which was .... nothing. What a fizzler.

Twenty years ago. Wow. I was leading a totally different life then. What changes have we all seen, in that time?

As a sidenote, I now know what $1,000,000 in cash looks like. At the time, I was 2IC at the bank branch where I worked, and one night the manager asked me to stay back with her as Armagard was bringing a special cash delivery, just in case our ordering systems failed with the new year. Only she and I knew about it; we counted it, then stored it in a dual-key compartment in the safe. Thankfully we never needed it, and it was picked up again at the end of January.
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