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Just about ready to kick 2020 to the kerb and I'm sure just about everyone else is done with this year too. We've been lucky, in Australia, being an island it was easy to close the borders to international visitors, and anyone who did arrive in the country (expats returning home, mostly) found themselves in two weeks' mandatory hotel quarantine which helped limit the spread of the virus. There were a couple of mis-steps along the way - the disembarkation of the Ruby Princess, for example, where 3000 people were allowed to leave the ship in Sydney then catch domestic flights all around the country, even though there were over 100 reported cases of Covid-like symptoms on board, and the failure of the hotel quarantine in Victoria, necessitating that state going into a second hard lockdown for 100 days - but mostly the virus has been contained, after an early lockdown from mid March to the end of May.

Queensland, where I live, hasn't had a locally acquired case of CV19 for 102 days now. Other state premiers, and the prime minister, all had pot shots at our premier for putting up a hard border with the other states, but I reckon it was worth it. The state borders reopened in November and life is pretty much back to normal, other than having to check into clubs and pubs via QR code and registering your details, to assist contract tracing if need be. I still don't feel that great catching public transport but a mask helps, and I rarely need to now as we've been working from home since March.

You know, I never really understood Survivor's Guilt until this pandemic. I see what's happening all over the world and I feel a bit guilty that we've not been more affected.  Even when the country went into lockdown and the Centrelink  queues spiralled out of control, I still had a job and nothing really changed for me. I had a Covid test back in July when I managed to contract a cold, and of course my holiday plans were thrown into turmoil when overseas travel was banned; I couldn't visit my grandkids for a couple of months and had to rely on facetime calls, but otherwise it was Life As We Know It.

It will be a mammoth task vaccinating the whole world, but that is what needs to happen in order to fully get on top of this disease and prevent regular flare-ups in the colder weather. I'd like to think that by this time next year we'll be well on the way. I hope everyone and your loved ones are safe and well, and remain that way.
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