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Already it's the second

Spent the evening last night working on a jigsaw puzzle - one of the guys at work wished me a safe NYE and I told him the worst danger I was facing was a paper cut. At least I saw in the new  year, with a few more hours afterwards.

Went to the cinema this afternoon and saw a really engrossing movie called The Dry starring Eric Bana as a federal policeman who goes back to the outback town he grew up in, after the death of his best mate from school. It was a mystery within a mystery and while there were a couple of loose ends at the finish, it was still intriguing and enjoyable.  Then tonight my sister popped in and we started rewatching Twin Peaks. When it first aired we used to ring each other after every episode, to discuss what we'd just seen. I am absolutely loving the rewatch especially as I had forgotten most of what went on.

LJ is being a dick tonight. A lot of entries are hidden under cuts labelling them not safe for under 18s, and when I click on the cut I get sent to a page where I need to click to confirm I'm over 18 but the entry won't display. I've tried two different browsers, tried logging out and logging back in, same thing. *shrug* I've no clue what's going on. Hopefully it will be fixed tomorrow.
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