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2020 - what I DID do

Which - wasn't much, actually. It must be something to do with my occupation and the people who are attracted to it - when lockdown started and we were all asked to work from home the majority of us were only too happy. I'm a bit of a hermit and am  not looking forward to the day when we have to go back into the city permanently; since August we've been going in once a fortnight and that's quite enough thank you.

Big trip to Scotland in June obviously didn't happen (tip - Airbnb is a LOT easier to deal with for refunds than booking.com) and my sister's cruise to Singapore was likewise cancelled. We decided to book a four day cruise to the Whitsundays in December - I mean, for sure the whole Covid thing will be over by then, right? Right? Yeah nah.... so when that got cancelled we looked for something we could do that was unlikely to be ruled out, and ended up booking a trip to Hamilton Island. It's in the Whitsundays, in the northern part of Queensland, so unless a full lockdown was put in place again we figured the trip would be fine.

This was the view from our room:

cockie (450 x 600)

Complete with cockatoo visitor. We got daily warnings on the TV to keep the balcony doors shut and all possessions inside, as the cockies had a bad habit of nicking items of clothing from the balcony and stealing food from the rooms.

And see those distant paddleboarders? Paddleboarding, kayaking and catamarans were included in room price. My stand-up paddleboarding session was more like get-to-shaky-feet-with-cellulite-wobbling-then-fall-off-backwards but it was still a lot of fun, and I enjoyed it thoroughly. We went down before breakfast each day and really worked up an appetite.

Then we'd play mini golf, or go back to the beach, or just wander about until lunchtime, when this would happen:

wine (450 x 600)

The hotel itself:

hotel (2) (450 x 600)

Those little golf buggies were the main mode of transport on the island. They were all booked out so we relied on the free shuttle bus which left the hotel every ten minutes.

On our last full day there we went to the wildlife park which was something of a disappointment, but we did get to meet Birri, who was obviously completely disinterested in us:

Birri (450 x 600)

Weather as you can see was great. The following week, the storms and huge rains that had lashed southeast Queensland had made their way up the coast; we were so lucky with our choice of time. We had just enough time there, too - any longer and I think I'd have started getting a bit  bored, although the beach is always an attraction.
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