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A black day

What terrible scenes coming out of the US today; the result of a total narcissist stoking the cult of personality to the limits. I've heard that the US economy was doing well until Covid hit, and that a lot of people believe Trump made their lives better - but to try and overturn the principles of democracy is just shocking. I sincerely fear for the country's future, when it is so divided; I don't see how it can start to heal.

And bad news in Queensland today too. We had gone 113 days without any local community transmission of Covid 19 but today a cleaner at one of the quarantine hotels tested positive to the UK super-infectious strain. There are warnings out for anyone who caught the same trains or visited the same places as she has over the last few days to get tested and isolate for 14 days, even if the test is negative. Fingers crossed that there is limited spread and brought under control very quickly.
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