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For the first time since 2012 I couldn't get a Sherlock calendar from amazon.com this year. There was one on the UK site but they won't post to Australia, and it wasn't available on the Australian site. I thought I'd be clever and went back through all my old Sherlock calendars until I found one where  January 1st was a Friday, and 2016 seemed to fit the bill - but that was a leap year, wasn't it, and it will only be good until the end of February. Then I had the bright idea of looking up the company that produces the calendar - and bingo, it's in stock and they ship to Australia. One new Sherlock calendar coming my way.

The Dr Who special was interesting. The Doctor has changed - once she would never have tried to destroy the Daleks, but now she's happy enough to consign them all to oblivion. I guess she's learned from experience, but it still feels like she's diminished in some way. And it's sad to see Graham and Ryan leave. I've always been conflicted about Graham - it seems like his character was often used to explain things to the Doctor and I'm not sure if I feel he's "mansplaining" or whether it's good to see that she stil has things to learn about humanity. My internal jury has always been out on that point. Will be interesting to see if the new companion Dan takes on the same role.

Also watched Pacific Rim recently . Still bemused by that. They spend millions of dollars making these giant robots to fight the kaiju, armed with some pretty spectular state of the art tech and such advance weaponry, yet the pilot's first impulse upon wading out to meet the kaiju is to punch it in the face. I did enjoy seeing Burn Gorman - nice to see he survived Torchwood after all *g*.
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