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The Little Things

My stepmum recently mailed me my father's electronic address book, as she'll never use it. My father passed away in 2002 and the address book has just sat in the cupboard since that time. Included in the parcel was a note, advising me that there were already some numbers stored in it, and I should just delete them.
What a trip it was, scrolling through the phone numbers and birthdays recorded there. My sister and her family, my son, my ex, all recorded there, as well as Dad's friends and his own sisters and brothers. I felt a bit guilty at first, almost as if I was erasing part of Dad's life by deleting the information he had painstakingly stored. He and technology always had issues - it would have been a real triumph for him to actually use that electronic device, although my stepmum tells me that he rarely took it with him as it was too big for a pocket anyway. Typical Dad.
It was sad, though, and I felt kinda low for the rest of the day.

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