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The Saga of Jack The Cat

Wednesday I took advantage of the weather (and the day off of course) & scrubbed out the end shed, moving Jack and Sadie into the big shed while it dried. They seemed to be behaving themselves in with Indy & Smooch so I decided to leave them in there. That was my first mistake. 11.45pm Jack started to howl. Now this is the reason why I took him out of the big shed in the first place, his tendency to sit on the bench and howl all night. Anyway, up I got, out I went, and decided to give him something to howl about. I put him in with Chang and Ratty. That was my second mistake. 1pm I'm woken up by the demons from hell screaming at each other in Chang's shed. Up I got,out I went, and thought I really should put Jack back in his own shed as he obviously wasn't winning any friends and/or influencing people in his current abode. Well Jack thought i was just a bigger cat and he went feral. I was trying to hold him/open gate so I could put him back in his shed, when he let out an almighty shriek, twisted out of my grasp and took off. I spent the next ten minutes walking around the yard - in the dark - in and out of spiders webs - calling him. Finally gave up, so bloody tired, and went back to bed. That was my third mistake. At 2pm Jack decided to call Manny names through the wire of his cage, and of course Manny never suffered from an insufficiency of verbiage, and he just shouted right back at him. So up I got, and out I went, only to spend another good five minutes hunting Jack up. Eventually caught him, popped him into his own shed & didn't hear another peep out of him.

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