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My New Anthem....

...is an old, old song (read: late 70s) whose words still ring true today. I've paraphrased the words on a piece of card which I've stuck to my pc at work, just to remind myself every day that what happens, happens because I make it so. Or to quote an inspirational boss I worked for when I first joined the bank all those years ago - "If it is to be, it's up to me."

by Sherbet

Don't wait for tomorrow for what can happen today,
Don't sit and wait for the inspiration 'coz nothing good comes the easy way.
If all around you is falling, don't give up easily,
Something better is waiting for you, there's somewhere else that you should be.
Don't let yourself run out of time, the weather's fine,
Well it's up to you what do you do, tell me what do you do...
Don't wait for the sunshine to brighten up your day,
You've got to go out and find it and something good will surely come your way.
Don't let yourself run out of time, the weather's fine,
Well it's up to you, what do you do? Tell me what do you do?

I have a tendency to take things as they come. This is a reminder that life is short, and I need to make things happen for myself.
To quote Captain Picard - "Make it so."

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