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Below is a transcript of a fax I sent this afternoon, to Primus Telecom -

Re: iprimus customer no. xxxxxxx x & primusonline customer xxxxxxx x

At 3.30pm this afternoon I dialled 1300 85 44 85 and, after a ten-minute wait, requested that my Iprimus dial-up account be cancelled. The lady I spoke to said I needed to speak to primus aol as my iprimus account had been combined with my aol account. She then transferred me through to 1800 265 265.

After a further 14 minutes, the gentleman who answered my call at the new number informed me that he does not have access to iprimus dial-up and was unable to cancel my iprimus service. He referred me to the phone number 1300 85 44 85.

I do not have time to spend another 30 minutes playing telephone shuffle. Accept this as my written advice to cancel the iprimus dial-up (DO NOT CANCEL THE PRIMUS ONLINE BROADBAND WITH THE SAME USER NAME)

Please call me on the number below if you have any further questions.

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