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Stuff it.

When I moved last year, the friend who helped me pack couldn't get over the sheer amount of, well, STUFF I have. Useful stuff. Like three years' supply of shower gel. Enough deodorant to last an octopus for a decade. That kind of useful stuff. And the amount of food she scored from my freezer was nothing short of phenomenal.
So here I am a year later, and my freezer once more would feed me a smallish tribe of Chopec indians for a year. My kitchen cupboards are crammed with food. I'll never need to buy toothpaste or shampoo again (but I know I'll do it anyway.)
It begs the question - why? My parents were Mormons, and one of the practices of church members was to stockpile supplies. Every family had a Welfare cupboard, and the idea was you were supposed to be able to live out of this cupboard for at least a month, if necessary. I don't know what we were trying to achieve - I grew up thinking it was so we'd be all right in the event of atomic warfare, but hey, if that were the case we'd hardly be alive long enough to need all that stuff, right?
But - we had big four gallon drums of honey in the garage. Ice cream containers of peanut butter and vegemite. Bags of flour and wheat. Interesting, really, when one considers that mum couldn't cook all that well. I'm still not sure what she intended doing with the wheat.
I guess that my upbringing even now influences my shopping decisions. So each week I take inventory of my kitchen cupboards, determine that all I require is bread and milk, and I still manage to come home with bags full of packet soup, frozen meals, rice, noodles etc etc.

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