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TV wasteland

Last Saturday I decided to hire a DVD - specifically Fiddler On The Roof, for the express purpose of perving unashamedly at Paul Michael Glaser's butt. (Starsky, for the Great Unwashed). Before getting to the DVD hire place, though, I stopped in at Big W and guess what I found, for only $12.95...yep, I'm now the proud owner of my own copy, and can indulge in Glaser-butt-watching to my heart's content! God he was such a pretty boy.
I was amazed to discover that I knew all the music. That's kinda scary, really. My mum was a fan of movie musicals and she owned the soundtrack to this one. Also scary - there's a whole generation out there who thinks that Gwen Stefani is doing something new with her song Rich Girl.
My only complaint is that the movie went for three hours. Three. Hours. Gah. That's more TV than I watch in a month, except for motor racing.

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