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Wating for the Call

A couple of weeks ago my son's car was rear-ended at traffic lights. The lady responsible gave him her name and address, and promised to pay for repairs. However, the damage was more extensive than we first realised so we have decided to leave it in the hands of the insurance company to get it fixed and chase the lady for the money. So on Saturday we had to take the car over to the Repair Management Workshop. The assessor kept repeating "you know, there's a lot more damage than there appears to be" as he showed us just what needed fixing. Now we have to wait while they tender the job out to their approved repairers. I'm wondering whether they might just write the car off. I have an agreed-value policy on it, with a value of $6000. A rough estimate we got prior to taking the car to my insurance company assessed the damage at 'at least $2000 to repair, maybe more.' And it doesn't help that it's a relatively rare car.
Another decision I'm waiting on - there is a lady who needs to place her show/breeding cats as she no longer intends to breed, and I've thrown my hat into the ring in relation to her little red girl. I've already ordered a kitten from that particular line, but I'd be just as happy to take the cat. Someone else has expressed interest so now I need to wait while she makes up her mind. Not to worry if I miss out, I'll just go back to my original plan of waiting for a kitten.
And then there's a decision which I need to make. When I first moved here, I took my current position because it was the only lending vacancy in Queensland, but my intention was always to transfer as soon as a job at a closer branch became available. Well now one has - applications closed last Friday but I didn't see the ad, as I was flat-out last week, too busy to look at the job vacancies. However I have it on good authority that no other lender applied for it. So- do I put my hand up? Or do I wait for my preferred branch to become vacant? (that may never happen). Or do I stay where I am? I'll have to decide by the end of the week.

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