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On Personal Politics

I grew up in a staunchly Liberal household. My father was heavily involved in the party doings, even to the point of standing for election a couple of years. Our electorate was Werriwa, and the sitting member was Gough Whitlam so he didn't have a hope in Hades but still, he felt obliged to try.
I spent countless hours letterboxing election material, and handing out How To Vote cards at election booths. (Yes, I was a member of that annoying gauntlet that voters are forced to run). Having a Labor government elected in 1972 was an affront to my barely-teenaged senses. Bob Hawke in 1983 was the absolute limit.
So tell me why, then, as I've grown older, I've become more and more left-wing. And have vague guilt feelings about being so, as though I'm being disloyal somehow. I still remember how disgusted my father was when I simply joined my workplace union, back in 19mumble. He'd be spinning in his grave at my beliefs now.
Still can't bring myself to vote Labor, though. That would feel like the ultimate betrayal.

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