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I've had my ears pierced for well over twenty years, but still if I wear anything other than gold or silver earrings for more than a day or two the holes become painful and weepy. It's been a known fact in my life for longer than ezekiel has been alive.
So why did I think my belly button would be any different?
I have just put myself through two years of mainly mild, often annoying and at times painful local infections, daily treatment with Betadine or Dettol - all the while wearing a surgical steel bananabel. I've been reluctant to change it because I feared I would make the infection flare up again due to the fiddling. How do you spell 'dumb'? I have a couple of gold ones, so as soon as the latest gooeyness heals, I'll swap it over. Might buy a titanium one too, as I've been told I shouldn't react to that. I'll have to try it, at least.

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