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Occam's Razor Rules

Driving home tonight, through the traffic, I had the disturbing feeling that something was wrong with my car but I couldn't pinpoint it exactly. All I could come up with for sure was that it decelerated more quickly than usual when I lifted my right foot. Apart from that, it idled as smoothly as ever, accelerated as always. It wasn't until I got to a long straight stretch with very little traffic that I realised it wasn't changing up into top gear when it should. At 80 kph it was still pulling 2000 rpm.
Resigned myself to a trip to the mechanic. I started mentally checking off the work on my desk, planning the best day to take the car in, hoping it was something minor like an electrical switch and not the transmission itself.
Then I happened to look down, while stopped at lights a few blocks from home, and discovered that the gearshift was firmly ensconced in third gear....

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