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It's Good News Week

There were a couple of black moments, but on the whole I had a great week.
Monday - back to work. I tell myself that I should dive in wholeheartedly, but I always think I'm gonna hit my head on the bottom, or maybe bellyflop. I usually heave a sigh of relief when this day's over.
Tuesday - Dragon Logies, my workplace's recognition night. And I won a Dragon Logie, for the first time ever - Best Supporting Lender. How cool is that! It's like a Loser prize - hey, you're not the best lender, but we still like you. Okay. Certificate for office is cool, gift certificate for Coles Myer is cooler again.
Wednesday - boss put on a morning tea to celebrate my win. Very nice, very appreciated.
Thursday - bunch of flowers from a happy customer. It's always a good feeling to have someone acknowledge the work you do for them, and in that particular instance I had gone above and beyond. The flowers made up for the absolute a***hole of a customer who insisted I told him one thing when I had, in fact, told him something different again. Thank god for file notes.
Friday - well, it's the last day of the working week. Nothing else needs to happen for Fridays to be all good.
And today is Saturday - the first day of a long weekend, and the anniversary of my move. I can't believe a year has gone by already!

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