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Still Navigationally-Challenged, after all these years.

Just once, I'd like to go somewhere and come back again without detours, wrong turns, etc. Just once. Is that too much to ask of the Gods of Travel?
Today I went to the RNA showgrounds for a cat show. I haven't been there since they switched pavilions from the dog pavilion to the goat pavilion, and the entrance is in a different place. I looked it up in my street directory so I knew exactly where to go - only trouble is, I couldn't find the gate for the car park and ended up circling the block THREE TIMES before finally entering through a different gate altogether, and driving the length of the showgrounds to get to where I was going.
Coming home, I was following another exhibitor out of the city. No dramas, until she failed to turn where I thought we should. I ended up on Ipswich Road (?) rather than the M1 I needed. Luckily I'm starting to get a grip on the geography of this city, and found my way back home without reference to a map.

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