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Early morning musings

What am I doing up at this hour on a Saturday, let alone online? Simple. I had (I thought) a 10am appointment for people to look at the house. Turned out the appointment was for 10.30. That's ok, the house was clean, the cattery was clean, everything was in order by the time they arrived.

n the last three days I've had three lots of prospective purchasers look through my home. The people this morning were back for their second look, which he described as his "Expression of Interest" visit. I hope he is interested enough to actually make an offer. He asked if I would be prepared to leave my wavy mirrors in the family room - I love those, but for the sake of a $279000 sale I'm not quibbling over $100 worth of mirrors! Especially as I will be moving up close to the place where I bought them in the first place.

The local Adult Community Education college is offering a course in Karaoke singing. Please don't encoourage these people.

In the For Sale ads in today's paper I found an ad for a VL Commodore, described as an unwanted gift. I wish someone would give me gifts like that!

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