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Food - Glorious Food

I've just had a wonderful week, full of friends and fun. Three different lots of visitors graced my spare room in that time - I should have put a revolving door on it and charged admittance! Firstly, last Saturday 4th, took Ez & Sum to dinner at Hogs Breath Cafe. At the time of booking I didn't realise that the Hyperdome Food and Wine festival was on at the same time - consequently it was extremely noisy. Food, however, was wonderful as usual. Monday my friends from Coffs, Sue and Ross, arrived on their way back from Roma, where Sue's son now lives. We had chicken rissoles and veggies for dinner; unremarkable, you say? Considering I ordinarily live on Cup-A-Soup it was certainly worthy of comment. Ross and Sue got away around lunchtime Tuesday. On Tuesday night I had dinner with subby69 who was feeling quite lonely - his partner was attending a conference in Sydney (I think) and he'd been left to his own devices. We had steak and pasta. (Mmmm, more red meat) Wednesday saw the arrival of my friends from Casino. We had butter chicken for dinner that night. On Thursday we went shopping, and stopped for sushi at lunchtime. I really love that stuff! I was totally reluctant to try it at first but now I enjoy it immensely. Thursday night was a Malay Satay stir fry. Yum. On Friday we had a selection of deli meats for lunch, on top of fresh sourdough rolls. Friday night was pizza! Which pleased the Pizza Box Cat as he then had something to sit on. Saturday saw the departure of L&M, and the arrival of Sue, Ann and Sharon from Coffs. They came up for the ACF national cat show. We had Red Rooster for dinner on Saturday, and Hungry Jack's for dinner last night. Hmm, it was almost a relief to get back to my cup-a-soup and crackers tonight. I still have a cupboard full of junk food, though, that I bought for the visits. Two bags of chips, donuts, Tim Tams, two chocolate bars, chocolate ice-cream (which I normally never eat), and salmon dip. Back to work tomorrow. Back to vegemite sandwiches and yoghurt for lunch - time to work on losing the couple of pounds I put on through the last week's indulgences.

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