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This crazy story comes from the Courier Mail :-

Several hundred items of female underwear and clothing have been recovered by Brisbane police, who are now appealing for their owners to come forward. The clothing includes underwear of various sizes, sports gear and designer clothing. The closthing was found when police arrested a cross-dressing electrician for severeal break-and-enter offences in northern suburbs two weeks ago.
Police responding to a Stafford break and enter found the man, 24, dressed in women's clothing. Detectives searched the man's vehicle and found female clothing in his boot, and several bags of similar items ata his parents' home during a subsequent police raid.
The man allegedly targeted homes at night, stealing female clothes and underwear from clotheslines or downstairs laundries. He will appear in the Brisbane Magistrate's Court at the end of the month.

I wonder what he'll wear? The basic little black dress is always a good look.

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