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Football, Meat Pies, Kangaroos and Holden Cars....

Harking back to the title of this journal - I've got to say that Queenslanders really take their football seriously. No, REALLY seriously. Like a four-page colour spread around the outside of the Brisbane Courier Mail today. And city street corners occupied by guys dressed up as cheerleaders, waving signs urging on the local side in tonight's State of Origin clash.
Roma Street station tonight was a surging, heaving mass of maroon as supporters made their way to Suncorp stadium. If I still lived in NSW I could explain how in that state we pronounce maroon to rhyme with "moron" but I don't, so I won't. I'm not a rugby league follower myself, never been able to get into the game, so I won't be watching the telecast tonight, and probably won't even know which team won until I get into work tomorrow.
But there's a funny kind of atmosphere in Qld, in relation to this series. I noticed it last year too. It's as if NSW has been a favourite for so long, and arrogantly, carelessly, expects to win, which creates a kind of underdog determination in this state.
Then again I'm probably totally wrong.

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