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It's Official - Ugly is In

Two really interesting articles in the newspaper today.
Firstly, the frivolous - alcoholic drink companies have been ordered to hire uglier men for advertisements in Britain, to avoid making a link between women's boozing and sexual success. They've been told to hire actors who are balding and paunchy, rather than young and sexy.
Very few people would have that expectation, that drinking increases your chances of scoring a hot young thing. If anything, a few drinks would increase the attractiveness of the opposite sex - witness the many jokes about waking up the next morning in bed with a total horror story.

The second article related to a so-called ban on breastfeeding at a Canberra gym. The gym has refused to allow breastfeeding mums to bring their babies to the premises, and the mums are taking action under the anti-discrimination laws. The gym has a 'women-only, members-only, no children allowed'policy. Now one subset of members is trying to get that policy changed. In my opinion, if they disagreed with the policy, why in God's name did they join the gym in the first place? Surely there are other gyms which don't have a 'no children' policy, which they could have joined.
It annoys me, the way these people seem to think that they should be allowed to break the rules, just because they want to.

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