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Government WTF

From this week's Office of Fair Trading newsletter:-

Fair Trading Minister Margaret Keech warns people to be careful they
don't blow their budget at this year's Ekka.
"There are many special treats and temptations at the Ekka every year,
from showbags, rides, stuffed toys and strawberry ice creams," Mrs
Keech said.
"However, several small purchases over the day can quickly add up if
you don't budget beforehand and keep track of your spending."

Mrs Keech said people could $hop $mart at this year's Ekka by
following some simple tips:

- shop around the different stands to compare the quality and cost of
showbags and other items, keeping in mind how much they would cost at
a regular shop;
- create a budget and stick to it;
- remember it's okay to say 'No' - don't feel pressured into buying
more than you can afford; and
- take advantage of vouchers and any free offers, including free
activities in the Queensland Government pavilion.

"I encourage all Ekka visitors to come to the Department of Tourism,
Fair Trading and Wine Industry Development stand in the government
pavilion to get their free $hop $mart kit, Good Credit Guide, and
stacks of other information and advice," Mrs Keech said.

Those who can't attend this year's Ekka can request copies of these
publications by calling the Office of Fair Trading on 1300 658 030 or
visiting www.fairtrading.qld.gov.au

I can just see the headlines now. "Thousands forced into poverty through Ekka spending!" . Next thing you know, entry into the showgrounds will be means-tested. Or else you'll have to exchange at the entry gate any disposable cash for tokens, which will be the only accepted form of currency inside the showgrounds.

Of course, one could also accept personal responsibility for one's spending habits, or is that idea too off-the-wall?

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