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What a Wonderful World

Gleaned from the pages of the Courier Mail this week:

A cross-dressing bandit who terrorised shop assistants at two Bundaberg stores threatened to shoot a woman if she followed him. The male robber had a handgun and wore a blonde wig, dark glasses, black top and skirt.
Cross-dressing bandit was straight out of an episode. Shows that TV can be a really really bad influence on impressionable minds.

A New Zealand man was yesterday refused bail on charges of bestiality and animal cruelty after the deaths of 17 rabbits and a guinea pig at a central Sydney office building.
Finance officer Brendan Francis McMahon, 36, of North Sydney, was arrested early yesterday morning in a vacnat office adjacent to his workplace in central Sydney....
... According to a police charge sheet,...McMahon allegedly committed bestiality on a rabbit between 3am and 4am on August 1....
...His barrister did not comment outside court, except to say his client was a NZ citizen.

This has to be either a case of drunken stupidity, or a joke gone wrong. Either way, it's seriously sick.

OKLAHOMA CITY: An Oklahoma man forgot a pipe bomb he built for fun was in his luggage when he tried to board an aeroplane on Thursday. Charles Alfred Dreyling Jr was yesterday charged with trying to carry the bomb aboard a Delta Airlines flight from Oklahoma City to Atlanta.... Dreyling, who could face 10 years in jail, told investigators he made bombs for recreation.
Once again, stupidity. Who builds bombs and packs them in their luggage, then forgets to remove them?
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