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15km, 20 minutes

I took advantage of the Ekka holiday to test-run the drive to my new place of work. Those who know me are aware that I, well let's just say I tend to take the most circuituous route to anywhere, and leave it at that. It's a talent I inherited from my father. So those people would be surprised, as I was, to learn that I managed to drive straight there, no detours, wrong turns or missed turns. And I did the same thing on the return journey.
I was feeling good when I arrived at the shopping centre and soon felt even better. There was this set of books, you see, that I'd seen in Dymocks for $70 on special for $40, and later found in Angus & Robertson for $29.95. Well today A&R had them at a further discount - 50% of marked price. So this set of books I've been coveting for a while now, cost me the grand total of $15. Sometimes it pays to wait.
Next I found a DVD I'd been wanting, a few dollars cheaper than I'd previously seen it. So into the shopping bag it went.
I had lunch while I was at the centre; treated myself to Maccas while browsing through one of my new books. Then a further exploration of the shopping centre revealed two shops I'd loved in Coffs but hadn't stumbled upon up here until today.
Finally I stopped in at AMart on my way home and bought a new lamp for the loungeroom.
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