miwahni (miwahni) wrote,

I watch too much TV

There was a program on the History channel this pm, hosted by Barry Humphries so of course Dame Edna & Sir Les made appearances. Talking about Australian festivals being much more low-key than their US counterparts, Sir Les began describing Melbourne's annual festival. "We call it Moomba, which is Aboriginal for 'let's get together and have some fun.' The Abos gave us permission to use the word - after all, they won't be needing it again." I laughed, and then I felt guilty for laughing, and then I felt hypocritical for feeling guilty, and then I didn't know what I felt.

I've been babysitting the kitten tonight. Cardi wanted to go for a wander through the house but every time she left the room her baby cried so she came running back. I took him over & entertained him until he fell asleep on the back of the stuffed white tiger, now he's curled up sleeping and she's off beating up the Wegie.

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