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The Mysterious Jogging Man

Last night, a block from my son's house, I encountered a man jogging along the footpath, wearing one of those shiny reflective vests that show up so well at night. He had a peculiar shuffling gait but still covered the ground quite quickly. Heading out about 10 minutes later, I passed this man again, still shuffling along but now in the opposite direction.

I had occasion to drive down that strip of road another four times that evening, and each time I passed this man, still jogging, but turned around each time.
It's a large housing estate. Why he chose that particular stretch of road to run along repeatedly is beyond my imagination. What's his problem with other, equally well-lit roads, in that estate? Why limit himself to that 200 metre piece of tarmac?

Somewhere, a very fit man is pondering the blue Falcon that drove past him 6 times last night, and he is wondering why....
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