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Moving right along

From the naming of cats to the naming of cricketers. It has me mystified, I can't figure out the naming conventions used by Indians. There must be some religious or cultural significance. Take Sachen Tendulkar for instance. His name appears on our screens as Sachen TENDULKAR, the Indian scorecard shows him as S Tendulkar, and the back of his shirt bears the name Tendulkar. Same format with Ajit Agarkar (where was he in today's lineup?), Sourav Ganguly, Lakshmipathy Balaji etc. But then we get to Irfan Pathan. Name on screen is Irfan PATHAN. Name on scorecard is I Pathan. Name on shirt is IRFAN. But it gets better. There's Yuvraj. That's how his name appears, just Yuvraj, both on screen and on the scorecard. Back of his shirt says Yuvraj. The commentators, however, who no doubt know these players personally, always refer to him as Yuvraj Singh.

The next mystery, though, is V.V.S. Laxman. What do the initials stand for? We never did find out. Even the commentators referred to him that way.

Hamsterman only scored 4, after his Friday performance of 88 it was a bit of a let-down. But still - WE WON!

Now I have to wait until next summer for my next dose of ODI cricket (sob)

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