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Still scratching my head

Ever since I moved in here 16 months ago, there's been an old car parked in the yard of the house opposite. It's a Toyota Corolla, mid-seventies model, covered in leaves and detritus from the gum tree above it. I've never seen it move at all; in fact it has no plates and is more of an ornament than anything else. Like those rubber tyres which are shaped into swans and painted white - definitely not the sort of thing you want in your own yard, but some people will do it...
Anyway. Today a man turned up with a car trailer, and had a good look at the car. Then a tow rope was hooked from the trailer to the Corolla, and it was towed out of the yard and on to the street. Now the fun begins. The yard sloped downwards towards the street, and the Corolla didn't stop in time and ran into the back of the trailer.
Why was this such a problem, you may ask? Buggered if I know. But the Corolla's owner seemed quite upset by this, and spent quite some time fiddling with the front bumper on the corner that took the brunt of the impact.
God, with all the tree sap, leaves, sill-rust etc on the Corolla, don't know why a bit of paint off should bother him all that much.
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