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Why we shouldn't do reverse mortgages for senior citizens

Real conversation No. 1:

Me: Hello, Mrs L?
Mrs L : Who is it?
Me: This is M, from XX Bank. How are you today?
Mrs L : Where do you people get my phone number from, anyway?
Me: Um, you came to see me last week about a home loan...?

Real conversation No. 2:

Man: I'd like to enquire about a reverse mortgage
Me: I can help you with that. Where is the property you'd like to mortgage?
Man: Oh, do I need to have a property for one of those loans?
Me : (thinks) what part of mortgage don't you understand?
Me : (says) Yes you do, sir. We use the property as security for the loan.
Man : Well I guess I can't have one of those loans then.

No, I guess you can't.
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