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Happy Picture Meme

Inspired by entropy_house who got it from snowgrouse
Post a "happy" picture (something cute, pretty, sweet, funny or otherwise cheerful) size 40kb or smaller, in your lj. Don't use a cut tag. Invite others to do the same

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

This is my son's cat Pickle, taken when I was babysitting him recently. (the cat, not my son). Oh, and I should mention that it's his birthday today (my son, not the cat!).I bred this little guy,(okay, both cat and son) and still have his mother and her parents (talking about the cat again now). Long-time readers of this journal may recall his birth, and the sadness of losing his littermates, but the joy of saving this small baby. TS Elliott mentioned that the naming of cats is a difficult matter, and this boy was no different. At one stage I posted a shortlist of names here on my lj, a list which included Naked Singularity and Napoleon Solo. But Ickle Bickle won out. This eventually transmogrified into Pickle, which is where it has stayed.
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