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I've been filling-in at Mt Gravatt all this week. What a horrible place to try and park! The staff carpark is about 16 miles from the nearest shop entrance (okay, I'm exaggerating, but you try walking uphill through the three carparks whilst wearing high heels, then traversing the length of the shopping centre) and all of the customer car parks have guards at the entrances before 9am. That's the open carparks, anyway. Most of them are closed until 9am.
I've been wearing a t-shirt and jacket, and taking my uniform in a carry-bag. Then the guard waves me through into the customer car park, thinking I've come to do some shopping. On Monday, whilst in uniform, I told a guard I'd just popped in to pick up some files and he let me in.
Terrible, the things you do to avoid walking half a kilometre.
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