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Musta Killed a Chinaman

From the moment I tried to fire up my PC at work, only to have my password revoked, right up until I walked in the front door - my day has been total crap.
During one phone call I was throttling the phone receiver while clenching my jaw as tightly as I could, because I knew that if I opened my mouth I was going to tell a Gold customer to shut the fuck up. That was basically the tone of the whole day.
Added to this, I learned that I have to stay at this branch for the rest of the week as they can't find anyone else to fill in for the absent lender. I've been there two weeks already; I just want to go back to my own branch, to my own customers who are a damn sight nicer than this lot!
I walked out the door thinking that the day just couldn't get any worse.
I was wrong. My car wouldn't start.
You think by now I'd know better than to tempt the gods, wouldn't you?
RACQ guy only took 10 minutes, not the 40 minutes I was told I'd have to wait. But, just to add insult to injury - my car started first time for him.
God I hate that.
I've spent $1000 on that car over the last month, with two new tyres, and a major service, new brakes and a replacement thermostat housing. I think I'm entitled to expect it to start for me when I want to go home.
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