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He Said What??

I mentioned here about a month ago that my car wouldn't start one evening after work. Of course, once the RACQ guy arrived it started first time, and he said that there were so many things it could have been that it was impossible to diagnose.
Well, now I know. It's played up a few times since that night, but I was always successful in getting it started. Not last night however. I had to call the RACQ again, and this time he found the problem right off - my coil was dead. Not the slightest spark was being generated.
And then, he says (in a reluctant voice)
"I have a spare with me - do you want me to replace it for you?"
So I'm thinking, well what exactly are my options here? 'No thank you, I'd love to walk home in the drizzle wearing three-inch heels,' 'No, I've been meaning to become homeless and here's my opportunity to practice by sleeping in my car', 'well actually I'd rather call out the mobile mechanic because he charges $140 just to come and have a look, and I'm in a spending kind of mood..'
However, Rule #1 is always "Don't Piss Off the Person You Need to Help You" so what I actually said was
"Um, yes please, I need my car. I'd appreciate it."
Fifteen minutes and only $68 later I was on my way.
Yay the RACQ! I've been a member for nearly 20 years, and this month is the first time I've needed them since 1991 but the membership is a small price to pay for the peace of mind.
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