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What Cheezus Me Off

Beware the dreaded - no, not the Jabberwocky - but a far more alarming creature - the letterbox hog.
At my local post office there are two slots for mail; one is for the local postcode, the other is for all other mail. So many times, as you approach these slots, you have to wait for the letterbox hog who stands right in front of the slots clutching a fistful of letters, and proceeds to sort them - one at a time - into their correct slot. You think these people would have the common courtesy to stand back from the slots while they sort, thereby giving access to those of us who already know where we're sending our letters. It, um, annoys me. Gives meaning to the term "going postal." That guy who went in and shot up the postal workers in the US was probably sick and tired of waiting for some dumb-ass in front of him to move away from the slots!
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